Seeing the Undercurrent in Organisational Systems

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This month we will hear from Paul Zonneveld, co-author of the book “Emergent: The Power of Systemic Intelligence to Navigate the Complexity of M&A” (Mergers & Acquisitions). In this session Paul will discuss the hearth of the book: the 4 guiding principles to successfully navigate the complexity of mergers and acquisitions and many other situations where groups of people, teams, departments etc. are either combined or separated.

Who is this session for?
Anyone can attend this session. No prior knowledge of System thinking is required. The only thing required is a willingness to engage with different ideas and explore the complexity around you.

About the speaker:
Paul Zonneveld is an executive coach and senior faculty for top team interventions, with over 25 years of international business experience.
He has a unique expertise in understanding systems, enabling him to offer insight into how to manage change and transformation for leaders of small and large organisations, those who find themselves in complex situations, or going through M&A. He teaches system sensibility, system awareness and effectiveness at various institutes, enabling leaders to apply systemic intelligence to their organizational complexity and influence the deeper dynamics driving their businesses.

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