The Authors

Mieke Jacobs

Based in Belgium, Mieke has more than twenty years of industrial experience. She has been involved in several strategic shifts in Fortune 100 companies, including global operational excellence and transformational change programmes, and the entrance into new or adjacent industries through mergers and acquisitions.

She has also been a global leader in operations management consulting. She has travelled the world, acting as a strategic advisor and thought leader to industry-leading global companies in multiple industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, pharma, utilities, distribution, fast-moving consumer goods and the food industry. Her work has focused on strategic change journeys, value protection and value creation.

She is now an international consultant, facilitator and coach to executive teams, and a senior consultant and faculty member for Mobius Executive Leadership. Together with Paul, she teaches international masterclasses in Boston and Amsterdam on systemic intelligence and organizational constellations.

She has a passion for people and organizational dynamics, and has acquired skills and certifications in this area. She applies all these insights in her facilitation and transformation work with leaders, teams and organizations.
She is a thought leader, having authored several articles and white papers, and has been a passionate keynote speaker at conferences across the globe. Her lifelong love for writing has resulted in her first book, a novel based on systemic work, published in February 2017.

She holds a Master’s degree in economics/engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium and the University of Bilbao in Spain.

Emergent - Systemic Intelligence - Mieke Jacobs - Paul Zonneveld

Similar to human beings where trauma is stored in the body, impactful or traumatic events in companies are stored in the visible and invisible structure, in its tissue and its collective memory. It still shows itself in the internal relations and culture.

Emergent - Systemic Intelligence - Mieke Jacobs - Paul Zonneveld

Looking at the underlying dynamics with systemic intelligence allows us to bring the strong invisible undertow to the surface and to intervene at the right level, in the right spot, with the right actions.

Paul Zonneveld

Based in Amsterdam, Paul is a Mobius Executive Leadership senior faculty for top team interventions and an executive coach, with over twenty-five years of international business experience in various roles. He has unique expertise in understanding systems, enabling him to offer insight into how to manage change and transformation for leaders of large companies, those who find themselves in complex situations or those going through M&A.

Today, Paul focuses on supporting these professionals and leaders to connect with their deeper internal leadership qualities, such as elf-awareness, courage, reflection, inner space and balance, and how to invite these qualities in others around them. He also teaches system sensibility – system awareness – to enable leaders to work effectively with the deeper dynamics driving their businesses.

Paul is the programme director and leading trainer at various training institutes, teaching the use of systemic intelligence in coaching and how to apply it to complex organizational topics. He is a member of the Dutch association of organizational experts and advisors and an internationally certified trainer. He actively supports the Muses foundation, helping young adults creating a more sustainable world through social and development aid in ‘underprivileged’ regions in the world.