2019 saw a record number of CEO departures, what is really contaminating the chair?

Emergent - Systemic Intelligence - Mieke Jacobs - Paul Zonneveld

“The revolving door of management change is spinning fast in the U.K. and U.S. Why are so many CEOs stepping down?”
This is something that Shares magazine recently noted. Board seats, CEO and executive positions, and strategic roles are being filled four or five times in a short time span. Executive search partners are scratching their heads, trying to find the next promising candidate. We need to understand what is really ‘contaminating’ the chair, in order to interrupt this repetitive cycle.


  1. Nobody can leave the system unnoticed
  2. A specific place in the system can only be occupied by one person
  3. It was an artificially created seat in the first place. A special assignment – once created and continuously refilled – will lead to unintended consequences later

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Source: Global Franchise Magazine.com