M&A: how to turn an arranged marriage into a loving one

Emergent - Systemic Intelligence - Mieke Jacobs - Paul Zonneveld

16 maart 2020 op Acquisition Daily

Unfortunately, there is no happy pill or medicine to cure all M&A problems, but there are tools you can use to better diagnose the complexity of M&A. To sense, probe, experience and adjust the treatment and recovery plan where needed and identify the elements for a healthy relationship going forward.
The four systemic principles help to identify and understand the symptoms in companies and organisations, leading you to see the underlying entanglements that hold you hostage.

  • Purpose (what is this organisation invited to do (an outside-in perspective)?)
  • Connection & inclusion (who belongs, who does not belong any longer? How do we connect the organisation to the new purpose?)
  • Order and occupying one’s place (what is the new order of things, is everyone in the right place and taking full responsibility?)
  • Exchange (what is the dynamic equilibrium between giving and taking?)

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Secret to a happy marriage after M&A

Emergent - Systemic Intelligence - Mieke Jacobs - Paul Zonneveld

25 februari op Acquisition Daily
What are the secrets that help two organisational systems come together in a good way?
What does the systemic intelligence bring to the wedding party?
Looking at both parties and at the newly formed organisation with systemic intelligence allows you to navigate the complexity of merging two organisational systems and to surface the roots of seemingly intractable behavior, illogical resistance to change, persistent roadblocks and underperforming teams.

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