Where best practice meets next practice: THE MOBIUS STRIP

Paul Zonneveld and Mieke Jacobs lead the track Systemic Intelligence and Organizational Constellations at the 2019 NPI. Both have worked with organizations around the world for many years, researching the impact of systemic dynamics, entanglements and traumatic events on large organizations and top teams (as a result of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, executive leadership transitions, fraud, accidents, transfer of
ownership, etc.)

What they have discovered is that navigating complex organizational challenges with systemic intelligence, using the principles and interventions from constellation work, leads to profound breakthroughs.

The full title of their just-published book is Emergent: The Power of Systemic Intelligence to Navigate the Complexity of M&A (Rethink Press, 2019). While the foundingspark of this beautifully written and compelling guide, was indeed the authors’ work within the
context of mergers and acquisitions, the result is a book that goes far beyond. Emergent is a masterful resource for any complex business challenge where instead of !ghting symptoms, you might discover and work with what the writer Clarissa Pinkola Estés calls ‘El rio abajo el rio’ – the river underneath the river.

Read full article: Emergent_ The Power of Systemic Intelligence MobiusStrip_Fall2019

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