The Principles of Systemic Intelligence

(from the forthcoming book Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Turn a Forced Marriage into a Loving One)
by Mobius Transformational Faculty Members Paul Zonneveld and Mieke Jacobs

Paul Zonneveld and Mieke Jacobs have worked with organizations around the world for more than twenty years, researching the impact of systemic dynamics, entanglements and traumatic events on large organizations and top teams (as a result of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, executive leadership transitions, fraud, accidents, transfer of ownership, etc.) What they have discovered is that navigating complex organizational challenges with systemic intelligence, using the principles and interventions from constellation work, leads to profound breakthroughs.

The principles of systemic intelligence 1) Purpose 2) Connection and Inclusion 3) Order and 4) Exchange help us appreciate the deeper whole beyond the distracting parts and symptoms that typically capture our attention and often mis-direct our energy. While these principles are of special relevance to mergers and acquisitions, which is the context of our forthcoming book, systemic intelligence can guide us in any situation where system dynamics are at play including organizations grappling with the full breadth of strategic and operational issues to societal and interpersonal issues closer to home.

Read full artice: Systemic Intelligence article Jacobs Zonneveld MS Strip Fall 2018

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