M&A: how to turn an arranged marriage into a loving one

16 maart 2020 op Acquisition Daily

Unfortunately, there is no happy pill or medicine to cure all M&A problems, but there are tools you can use to better diagnose the complexity of M&A. To sense, probe, experience and adjust the treatment and recovery plan where needed and identify the elements for a healthy relationship going forward.
The four systemic principles help to identify and understand the symptoms in companies and organisations, leading you to see the underlying entanglements that hold you hostage.

  • Purpose (what is this organisation invited to do (an outside-in perspective)?)
  • Connection & inclusion (who belongs, who does not belong any longer? How do we connect the organisation to the new purpose?)
  • Order and occupying one’s place (what is the new order of things, is everyone in the right place and taking full responsibility?)
  • Exchange (what is the dynamic equilibrium between giving and taking?)

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